Mackenzie County Reeve says meetings with Transportation Minister was positive

Mackenzie County Reeve, Josh Knelsen says he is glad Transportation Minister, Ric McIver came to the region.

McIver did a tour of the northwest over the weekend, which included meetings with the county.

Knelsen says the LaCrete ferry was discussed.

“The ferry has been troublesome for quite some time,” says Knelsen. “Last year, I think we had 150 days where we were able to cross the river, but the wildfires did play a role in that.”

Knelsen also added there are times where the lineup to use the ferry could be 1-2 hours.

McIver told the Trending 55 Newsroom last week that the government is not ready to make a decision on the future of the ferry as of yet.

Knelsen says a few different ideas were discussed.

“We have high hopes of year-round access across the river, which would mean a bridge,” explains Knelsen, who describe the meeting as “positive”.

“There was discussion about the possibility of a toll bridge and I think people would gladly take that.”

McIver said last week it was important he hear from people in the region before any decisions are made.

– Kenny Trenton, Trending 55 Newsroom