MD of Greenview Putting On Grain Entrapment Training Event

The MD of Greenview’s Fire Rescue Services are hosting grain entrapment rescue training event for first responders in the region.

Regional Deputy Fire Chief Gord Meek says the course will be a way to raise awareness for something that can happen in rural agricultural areas.

“The course is designed for first responders and to teach them effective and efficient rescue techniques in case of a grain entrapment. It’s ever present anytime that someone is inside of a grain bin and it can happen in a split second.”

In addition to the training and raising awareness, Meek says there will also be a screening of a film called “Silo” which focuses on a grain entrapment situation.

“It follows that small agricultural community when the disaster strikes and one of their local farmhands is entrapped in a grain bin. So the families, neighbours and first responders have to put their differences aside to rescue the farmhand.”

The event runs from August 7-9 in DeBolt.

– Kyle Moore, Trending 55 Newsroom