Northland School Division Daily Wildfire Update

Courtesy of Northland School Division:
May 25th – How wildfires are impacting Northland schools update
Attention Parents and Guardians:
Please review the following information on how wildfires are impacting Northland schools:
Bishop Routhier School:
➡️ The school facility remains closed. The mandatory evacuation order for the Peavine Métis Settlement has been lifted. The settlement is now under a 4-6 hour evacuation alert.
➡️ Staff distributed homework packages. If you have any questions please contact Principal Sheldon Bossert at
Chipewyan Lake School:
➡️ The school facility remains closed. The community is still under a mandatory evacuation order.
➡️ Arrangements have been made to resume learning for Chipewyan Lake School students. Kindergarten to grade 5 students started attending classes at St. Theresa School (May 25, 2023). A classroom has been set-up for students in grades 6-9 at Mistassiniy School. Ms. Lyon will be teaching the class.
➡️For those requiring school bus transportation, Route 467 (Eagle) Sandra McLeod will pick up students between 8:05 a.m. to 8:10 a.m. near the Riverside Inn. The bus will be stopping along Mistassiniy Road which is near Riverside Inn. Students attending St. Theresa School will be dropped off first, followed by students attending Mistassiniy School.
Hillview School:
➡️ The school facility will remain closed. The East Prairie Métis Settlement is under a four-hour evacuation alert.
➡️ Online learning continues for students. If families have any questions, please email Principal Rosalind Best at