Top 3 Items I HATE to see Taken Off the Menu


Changes in what’s on the menu of your favourite restaurant can be a bit of a roller coaster. Here’s what I hate to see leave the menu.

3. Specialty items. Sometimes there’s a certain food that an establishment will do particularly well, and even become popular for. Then, poof! It’s gone. I’ve found a few of my favourite items disappearing like this over the years.

2. Fruity cold drinks. If the start of summer brings anything when it comes to menu items, it’s gotta be fruit-based items. Often there even seems to be a “popular fruit” that multiple establishments use for their summer drink menu. With all that effort going into menu items with fun flavours like watermelon, passion fruit, or dragon fruit, it’s a bit sad to see them for such a limited amount of time!

1. Pumpkin spice items. I know they sell these for longer and longer time periods each year, but it just makes me that much more sad when the item comes off the menu.

– Tam