Zellers is Making a Comeback


It looks like we will see Zellers brought back by the HBC. Zellers will mainly be online shopping but will begin to be in select Hudson Bay department stores in early 2023. The discount chain dwindled down about 10 years ago and sold majority of leases to Target as they moved into Canada. The retailer kept a handful of Zellers locations open as liquidation outlets until 2020.

Many people appear to be happy to see Zellers  making a comeback even if just for nostalgia. No word on if the diners will make a comeback with it in the select department stores with many remembering the food fondly. I have my doubts we will see the diners back again but I never thought we would see Zellers again so what do I know. It will be interesting to see what Zellers will be able to do when nostalgia wears off and competes with Amazon as well as their old rival Walmart.