Harper Creek Agro wins 2021 Greenview Farm Family Award


Liz and Jerome Issac from Harper Creek area have been recognized by the MD of Greenview by winning the 2021 Greenview Family Farm Award.

The couple runs Harper Creek Agro with several thousand acres of cropland, a barn of anywhere between 9,000-10,000 chickens at any given time and a feed mill.

Harper Creek Agro is the continuation of the farm Jerome’s grandfather started back in 1936.

Jerome says “We incorporated and formed our company name only in 2009, but it’s been a family multi-generational farm since ’36.”

Liz commented on the note of being a family farm that “Jerome’s parents are still involved in seasonal, they are around for seeding and harvest and up until quite recently his brother has also farmed with us.”

Reeve Tyler Olsen in a news release spoke about the family winning the prestigious award “The Isaac Family is an exceptional example of successional farmers who continually contribute to their community.”

The Issac’s believe community is a huge part of who they are, Liz said on the families behalf “We are so thankful for the community that we are a part of.”

Jerome and Liz have both played roles in the communities fire department, but have taken time away with two children and two more on the way.

Liz mentioned they also attend church and Jerome is a part of the Alberta Pulse Growers on the Board of Directors “To be a voice for farmers from the region on the provincial level.”

“We’re honoured to win the award and be recognized in that way and it’s a great community to live in, farm in and be a part of.” Jerome told Trending 55.

The Issac’s along with 24 other farm families were recognized for their award on November 12, 2021 at the Farm Family Awards Banquet held during Farmfair International in Edmonton.

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-Erika Rolling, Trending 55 Newsroom

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