Info for Town of Rainbow Lake Re-entry Today


Courtesy of the Town of Rainbow Lake:

Please drive safe. The mornings can be smoky in Town and the Highway will have reduced visibility. While we ask people not to stop to take pictures, please be mindful of other drivers on the road. Expect the vehicle in front of you to stop.
The Town is safe, everywhere around Town is not. Do not leave the highway or the Town limits. The roots have been burned out on the trees and they continue to fall. The areas around Town are still active fire areas.
Make sure you bring some non-perishable groceries home with you. Your fridge/freezer will have spoiled and it may take some time to either clean or replace. Try to bring groceries for at least a couple days that do not require refrigeration.
The area around the Air Tanker Base and the Rainbow Lake Fire Hall is restricted due to the ongoing emergency. Do not travel to these areas and please stay out of their way as they are doing incredible work protecting our community.
For those with campers, consider dumping your black and gray tanks before you come home. Our Sani Dump is adjacent to the emergency area and we do not want to restrict our fire fighters movements.
Check out and go through the information we have put together to help you transition back into your homes safely.
If you have any respiratory issues, please google “Purple Air Rainbow Lake” for a live view and the three day trend values for the air quality here in Town to better plan when it may be safer for you to remain indoors. If needed, we do have some N-95 masks at the Town Office you can use.