Nickelback Documentary Debuted at TIFF


A documentary called Hate To Love Nickelback had debuted at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) and seems to be getting good reviews. Sadly I was not aware of this or I would’ve tried to see it when I was back home in the GTA. The documentary follows the rise of the band from Hannah, Alberta and the hatred they would get from people about their music a in the years following the meteoric success of Silver Side Up in 2001.

I have always been a fan of Nickelback and never could understand the major hate they got. While Chad has done some questionable things as a person as had the band as a whole, but I have always like the music. The thing about the hate for me is that despite what seemed as universal hatred they would still have number 1’s and the albums were selling.

I look forward to checking out the documentary when it becomes available to watch, sadly it wasn’t on the TIFF website. I am curious to see how this documentary is handled.

Check out the trailer below:



– Everett