Nickelback To Play Heritage Classic in Edmonton


It has been announced that Nickelback will be playing during the Heritage Classic later this month at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton. It only does seem fitting that an Alberta band, from Hanna, AB, would play during the battle of Alberta, this coming off Nickelback electrifying Rogers Place back in June of this year.

Nickelback will be playing during the second intermission of the game taking place Sunday, October 29th with a 5pm puck drop.

2023 has been a stellar year for the band with their major North American tour being a success, having a documentary debut during the Toronto International Film Festival, all this on top of being inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, which was done in Edmonton during this years Juno and now being booked to play during the outdoor Heritage Classic game.

Safe to say the Nickelback haters might have to bite their tongues this year because they are still a major success.

– Everett