The Best Beverage


Many years ago I was at a restaurant when I decided to try something new for my drink. In this creative moment I ended up making my favourite drink of all time and I call it IcePepper. It’s really not too complex, it’s just half Ice Tea and half Doctor Pepper but personally I think it tastes amazing. I’m not a huge fan of carbonated beverages but I do still enjoy a sweet drink so I feel like I’m getting the best of both worlds here. Some people may say that its similar to something like swamp water but its really not. With swamp water you mix everything available to you and end up with something that tastes like just syrupy sugar whereas with IcePepper it is just two distinct flavours melding keeping their unique flavour profiles.

IcePepper Recipe:

50% Doctor Pepper

50% Ice Tea

I love this drink so much and if you still think its weird give it a try you wont regret it…at least I don’t.